About gogsig

Gogsig Aps is the first Danish brand in barefoot shoes. The company consists of me, Helle Gøgsig, who, in collaboration with skilled developers in Portugal, has developed a shoe that meets all the requirements for a barefoot shoe.
barefoot shoes
I became a mother myself in 2020, and when my boy took his first steps, the hunt for his first shoes started. As a mother, you want the absolute best for your children, and even though there are a lot of things you can spend money on, I knew that shoes were definitely not something I wanted to compromise on. In the Danish stores, I could not find shoes that had both flexible soles and room for the toes. Most shoes had soles that couldn't bend properly, and if they could, they were far too narrow for my boy's small, chubby feet. The search led me to a new world of barefoot shoes. But I still needed something that could be used for a wider foot.
I have worked for many years in production and logistics, so manufacturing goods is no stranger to me, but I also knew that I needed know-how in the shoe industry. That is why I am teamed up with skilled developers in Portugal who have many years of experience in developing shoes. Together we have reached a result that I am really proud of.