Why barefoot shoes?

To be able to answer that, we have to start by looking at what a barefoot shoe for children actually is.

Barefoot shoes are intended to protect the child's feet from wind, weather and sharp objects - nothing more, nothing less.

Benefits of barefoot shoes for children

✽ Zero Drop

The sole is completely flat and has no raised heel in order to maintain the child's natural posture.

✽ Wide toe box

Lots of room for the child's toes so they can move freely.

✽ Flexible sole

A flexible sole that follows the movements of the foot.

✽ Thin sole

The sole is 3,5 mm thick and feels with the surface the child is walking on. It allows the important sensory feedback from the surface and thereby supports the balance.

✽ No support

No orthopedic support (arch support, etc.). Allows the child to continue to use all the relevant muscles.

✽ No stiffener

No fixed heel cap or other stiffeners in the shoe. Provides free movement and again the opportunity for the child to use all his muscles.

Barfodssko børn

Why barefoot shoes for children

Barefoot shoes allow the child's foot to develop as nature intended, and to create a strong foundation that can support the rest of the body.

Children are born with soft bones that are easily affected by pressure and incorrect footwear. Many conventional shoes today are too narrow and have a toe box that squeezes the toes together.

Often, conventional shoes have a small heel that shifts the pressure on the foot forward, affecting posture and creating instability in the ankle.

Finally, they have orthopedic support, which can be good for periods if you have a particular problem, but which also makes the muscles in the foot lazy if you use it for a long period - and lazy muscles can cause you to compensate elsewhere in the the body.​

Barefoot shoes allow all the muscles of the foot and ankle to be used - as if you were walking with bare feet - and the foot thereby achieves optimal strength.

Over time, this can help to avoid problems such as bad backs, bad knees, ingrown nails, bunions and hammertoes.

The thin flexible sole allows the child to maintain his grounding and by having both feet on the ground, the child can develop his body awareness.

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