Frequently Asked Questions About Barefoot Shoes

Can all children use barefoot shoes?

Fortunately, the majority of all children are born with completely normal and well-functioning feet, and yes they can all use barefoot shoes.

It is normal for children up to the age of 5-6 to have flat feet, and wearing barefoot shoes will only strengthen the instep.

If your child has any kind of misalignment or abnormality in the feet or ankles, I would recommend that you first talk to a health professional. They are completely in control of how the foot should best be trained.


Can you use barefoot shoes when you have previously used conventional children's shoes?

For children aged 1-8 years, there are no problems transitioning to barefoot shoes.

From the age of 7-8, it may be a good idea to make a slower transition, so that the foot can adapt to the "new" way of using the foot.


Which size should I choose?

You can find the instructions for measuring your feet and choosing the right shoe here

Size guide


When should the child have the first pair of shoes?

Usually it is said that the child must learn to take the first steps in bare feet, so ideally it will be when the child has learned to walk.


Can the shoe be used as a prewalker?

If the child has just learned to stand and needs a little non-slip surface, I would recommend using a soft sandal . Then you can look at shoes when the child is more stable on thier feet and begins to walk around on their own.



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