Size guide

How do you ensure that you find the right size of barefoot shoes for children? And how much do children's feet really grow?

Children grow in spurts, so these numbers should be seen as guidelines:

From 0-2 years: the foot grows about 2 cm per year

From 2-6 years: the foot grows approximately 1.5 cm per year

From 6-11 years: the foot grows about 1 cm per year


Further down, I have made a small guide on how to measure the foot, so that you find the right size.


I recommend a growth allowance of 0.8-1.2 cm for the small sizes.


Here you can see the inside measurements of the shoe.

Size Length cm Width cm
20 13.0 6.1
21 13.5 6.3
22 14.3 6.5
23 15.0 6.7
24 15.5 6.9
25 16.2 7.1
26 16.7 7.3
27 17.5 7.5
28 18.6 7.6
29 19.2 7.8
30 20.0 8.1


Gogsig size guide

Place the foot with the heel up against the wall

Measure how long the foot is from the wall - to the longest toe.

If toe number 2 is longer than the big toe, this is the one you use as a reference



Gogsig size guide

Measure the width of the foot at the point where the foot is widest.

On very small feet, the ruler will often lie more horizontally, it is different from foot to foot.


Please remember to measure the length of the sole. Some printers have a tendency to shrink the printout.


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