Barfodssko til børn: Er de bedst, når børn lærer at gå? | Gogsig Barfodssko

Barefoot shoes for children: Are they best when children learn to walk? | Gogsig Barefoot shoes

Are barefoot shoes good when the children have just learned to walk? Shouldn't they need support? 🙋🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

The answer is short: YES, barefoot shoes are good once you've learned to walk and no, they don't need extra support 🤗
We do not recommend shoes for children before they can walk! Because it is best for the children to walk bare feet. 👶🏼
Most children are born flat-footed! 🦶🏼 Most children actually learn to walk best when they are barefoot.
The best way to strengthen their arch, tendons and foot muscles is through this natural approach, walking barefoot - this was the insight that inspired me to create Gogsig barefoot shoes, among other things! 🦶🏼

Gogsig barefoot shoes are designed to strengthen children's feet naturally, with a flat sole and wide toe box. Barefoot shoes offer flexibility, thin soles for sensory feedback and no orthopedic support or starch. By allowing natural movement, they promote healthy development of the child's foot and posture. Traditional shoes can narrow the toes and change the foot, which can cause problems.
Gogsig barefoot shoes activate all the muscles of the foot and contribute to optimal strength and balance.
Gogsig barefoot shoes are designed to let children move freely, just as if they were walking barefoot. I have designed the shoe with a particular focus on providing space for the toes and foot, so that it strengthens the child's balance, and the track can move naturally and effortlessly. 👣 👶🏼
If you should have more questions or are in doubt about what you should be aware of when your children take their first steps, you are always welcome to write to us.