Barfodssko til børn

What does the children's physiotherapist think about barefoot shoes?

There are still different opinions on how much or how little support a children's shoe should have.

Lene Raadkjær Jørgensen is a children's physiotherapist and is behind the app BabyTummel , which many may know. She has had the opportunity to test the shoes and writes here what she thinks is important for children's shoes and what she thinks about gogsig barefoot shoes:

I am often asked what to look for when buying children's first shoes (and buying children's shoes in general).

For me, as a children's physiotherapist and a motor skills geek, it is important that the foot can move as freely as possible, so that the child can learn to control the foot and all the movement possibilities that are in it. In fact, I recommend that you use shoes as LITTLE as possible, but we NEED footwear that protects the foot from sharp objects and temperatures.

For me, it doesn't make sense to put the foot down in a stiff shoe and think that the brain will then learn to stabilize the foot. The foot consists of 26 bones and countless muscles and ligaments, so it takes a lot of experience to learn how to stabilize and control the weight bearing on the little foot.

I generally recommend shoes that:

  • Has plenty of room for feet and toes.
  • Has as mobile a bottom as possible, for as free and natural foot development as possible.
  • Has a bottom where the child can feel the surface and variations in it through the bottom.

All these points are fulfilled by the new Danish shoe brand Gogsig, with their super good and nice barefoot shoes for children.

It is extremely rare that I do advertising for products - it is ONLY when it really makes sense and to get knowledge about the product in question out to all of you baby parents. And that's how I feel right here... because it really IS a brilliant shoe/boot and not least sandal Helle from Gogsig has made - I wish they had been on the market when my children were small.

Lene, Children in Good Balance

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