Er det virkelig så vigtigt med fast hælkappe i børnesko?

Is it really so important to have a heel cap in children shoes?

And why is there no heel cap in barefoot shoes? 

Conventional shoes often have a small heel that move the pressure on the foot forward. It affects posture and makes the ankle unstable. 

Many shoes also have a nice symmetrical toe box that squeezes the toes together and presses the big toe inward. The big toe is used for balance, and if it is out of play, the foot becomes unstable. 

Finally, there is a sole – sometimes a very high or thick sole. The sole causes instability in the ankle, and it doesn’t allow the foot to get the feeling for the surface. 

And yes - with a heel, symmetrical, narrow toe box and thick, stiff sole, I would also choose to have a heel cap in my shoes for better stability 🙈 

Barefoot shoes have a completely flat sole that allows the foot and body to remain in the natural body position.A wide toe box that allow space for the toes so they can work and grip the ground as they are intended.And finally, a thin flexible sole that follows all the movements of the foot and allows the foot to feel the surface it is walking on.The foot is allowed to remain in its natural position, as if your walking barefoot, and therefore it will not need a heel cap. 🙌   

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