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Arch support in children's shoes


When I had to go out and find the first shoes for my boy, I was somewhat surprised to see so many children's shoes with arch support. An effort that should provide support and stability.

But is it good to have arch support in children's shoes if you have perfectly normal feet? 🤔

The majority of all children are born with healthy, flat feet. 🦶 In fact, it is completely normal for the curve to be fully developed at the age of 5-6

But is it not possible to help the development a little along the way with arch support in the shoe?

Nah.. 🤷‍♀️
In fact, studies have shown that arch support has no effect on the development of a natural arch.

Unnecessary support, on the other hand, causes the muscles of the foot to relax, and with prolonged support they become lazy.
When muscles become lazy, the body tends to compensate elsewhere in the body - which can overload tendons and joints, and cause various injuries later in life.

A foot that is allowed to work naturally becomes strong 💪
When all the muscles in the foot are activated, it helps to build the strong foundation that provides stability and which must support the rest of the body.
And then the natural curve will probably come..

The study I refer to can be read here:


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